About Us

Welcome to our website, we wanted to let you know a little bit about us and why we started Spectrum Holidays.

We are a family of 3, Malcolm, Sophia and our 11 year old son Luca who is autistic.

We originally decided to buy a caravan a few years ago after many years of unsuccessful holiday attempts with our son Luca who had found being away from home and his routine challenging.

We had tried hotels and B&B’s in many different areas of the country but found that it didn’t suit our family's needs. We also found that we were having to pack, and take too many of Luca’s home comforts and sensory equipment just to make him feel comfortable and settled while we were away.

Eventually we decided to try renting a caravan to see if Luca would manage better in a holiday home setting rather than being restricted to a single room like we were in the hotel or B&B type environment. Thankfully Luca loved the caravan straight away and really enjoyed having the freedom and space to move around the accommodation on his own but still feel secure knowing we were close by.


Malcolm & Sophia Ainsworth - Founders

After a few more successful caravan holidays we decided to go ahead and buy our own caravan so that we could set it up for Luca’s needs without having to pack up the whole house every time we went on holiday. We put a lot of time and thought in to our caravan, making it a fun, safe and relaxing place to be, even when the Great British weather decides to do what it does best and rain! We started to offer our Blackpool caravan out to rent to other families that have children on the autism spectrum or with sensory needs and were overwhelmed by the interest!

We then started to get feedback from families in other areas of the country who really wanted to access our caravan but were too far away.  This coupled with a demand for accommodation far outweighing what we were able to offer at the time brought about the idea of Spectrum Holidays.

We want to offer more families access to our holiday homes from all areas of the country and to also offer more options on the type of accommodation and parks that would suit the many different needs of our guests.

We understand that all of our guests will have different needs and no “one size fits all” approach will work for our families. Based on the feedback we received from talking to lots of parents/carers and autism charities we are building a wide selection of holiday homes that will cover as many of the diverse and sometimes complex needs of our children, their siblings and parents/carers as possible.

Our aim is to take as much of the stress and worry away from our guests as possible and to make the holiday as enjoyable as possible for the whole family. We have social stories for all of the accommodations available to download and photos that can be used to prepare your child for the holiday in advance. We also have various communication resources available.

Finding new, suitable accommodation takes time and we are slowly adding to our catalogue of properties but we're always on the look-out for new suitable accommodation.  If you have your own holiday accommodation and would like to become one of our partners, please take a look at our partners page.

 We hope that you will find the perfect holiday accommodation for your family with Spectrum Holidays!

Sophia, Malcolm and Luca xx