How we work with our Partners

Whenever we are approached by holiday accommodation owners that want to become partners we take the time to speak with them and get to know them.  We ask if they can send us some photos and information about their accommodation in the first instance so we can begin to assess suitability for our guests.  If on the first assessment the property seems suitable then we will discuss the terms of the partnership, then arrange to visit the property.

Assuming there is no issues that have cropped up from the visit, we will then move forward with getting you set up as an official partner, listing your property on our website and sending out one of our Spectrum Holidays packs for use by Spectrum Holidays guests.


Advertising your property

There is no charge to advertise your property on our website.  We will work with you to suitably represent your accommodation on our website and provide our guests with all the information they will need to decide if your property is the one for them.   The network of families within the autism community is enormous and this in itself provides us with an unprecedented - and unique way of advertising our services....and your holiday property.  Awareness of autism is very much in the public eye and there is a huge demand for what we offer.


Any guests that wish to book a holiday in your accommodation will send us an initial enquiry using the “contact us” form on the website. Once we have confirmed availability with you we will take a deposit of £100 (or the amount stated on your own terms and conditions) to secure the requested dates. We then issue the guest a booking form along with your terms and conditions which would need to be completed and returned. It is only at this point that the booking is confirmed. Please see our cancellation policy for full details.

Rates & Our Fees

We will charge our guests the pre-arranged rates that we have agreed for your property (along with any other terms) The fees will then be passed on to you on a monthly basis.

The Spectrum Pack

All our guests must have access to our 'Spectrum Pack'.  This equipment can be kept in a cupboard and is to only be used by guests of Spectrum Holidays who will have been advised before their stay where the equipment is kept.  More details relating to the Spectrum Pack will be provided within the partners terms and conditions.  The Spectrum Pack will include:

  • A selection of handheld fidget toys
  • Light projectors
  •  Colour panels
  • Sensory light toys
  • And a range of sensory tactile toys
  • Visual resource pack
  • Blackout blind
  • Visual resources
  • Bed guard (if applicable)
Becoming a Partner

If you'd like to learn more about becoming one of our partners, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Special offer for Caravan Owners (new partners only).

Due to the amazing feedback that we have had from guests and in response to our social media campaigns, the requests that have for static caravan holidays has exceeded our expectations. While we are in the process of adding more caravans to more parts of the UK we are also actively looking to work with other caravan owners who currently own a caravan on a park that allows private lettings.  You can now take advantage of our limited time offer of a commission rate of £25 per booking instead of the usual 10%

If you would like to find out more about our special offer and what being a Spectrum Partnership could mean for you please get in touch.

Due to Covid-19 we have paused our property visits and will now determine suitability by other means. This is so we  limit our own travel during the pandemic and to make it easier for our partners to limit the traffic through your properties to just your cleaning staff and guests.