Sungate, Bath

Booking Terms and Conditions

Arrivals process

Check in is between 3pm and 7pm on day of arrival. Late arrival by prior agreement only.

Sungate will send guests an email with check in information prior to their arrival. We will also provide our digital welcome guide, which includes the bungalow’s autism friendly features and our recommendations for autism friendly places to visit and things to do in Bath and the surrounding area.

Check out is 11am on the day of departure.

We require all guests to provide the below details before they arrive:

  • Lead guest’s email address and contact number
  • All guests’ names and children’s ages
  • Details of any dog(s)
  • All vehicle registration numbers
  • Estimated arrival time

Due to regulations for all holiday home owners, Sungate needs to collect the names and contact numbers of all those aged 18+ before arrival.

Sungate will only use guests’ data in conjunction with your stay, including our arrival process, ensuring we are safe and compliant, and for sharing key communications with them. For example, in case of an emergency.

Dates of hire

The dates of hire agreed between the lead guest and the owner are from 3pm on your check in date and 11am on your check out date. Any unauthorised use of the holiday accommodation by the hirer(s) outside of these dates and times is chargeable as an extra cost to the hirer(s).


In order to secure your holiday, we ask all guests to provide a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total holiday cost, which is deducted from the remaining cost of the stay.

Full payment must be received by the due date we advise you of upon booking. Please see our missed payments section for more information.

Security Bond

Sungate require a £100 security bond for all bookings, which is payable 6 weeks before arrival. You, the hirer/lead guest, agrees that Sungate may retain the security deposit, or part thereof, following an unsatisfactory check of the house and its contents. If Sungate need to retain any part of the security bond you will be advised by email and provided with an invoice to show the amount that has been retained to cover the cost of replacing damaged property or any missing items from the inventory of the house. We will retain all, or part, of the security deposit to cover the cost of:

Any breakages or damages to our property or its contents (including, but not limited to, furniture, sensory equipment or fixings). If the cost of any damage is more than £100 you will be billed for the additional cost.

Your responsibilities

We understand that accidents happen from time to time. If something gets broken or damaged during your stay, we ask that you advise us immediately so that we can arrange repairs or replacements in time for our next guests.

It is the responsibility of the guests to report any damage to the property or its contents as soon as possible. Failure to do so could result in the security bond being retained by Sungate.

We expect our guests to leave the house as it they found it. If a representative of Sungate arrives to check the house and finds that it has not been left in a clean and tidy manner this will result in your security bond being retained by Sungate.

When checking Sungate, if any of the contents are found to be damaged or missing this will result in your security bond being retained by Sungate.

You are responsible for the behaviour and safety of yourself and the members of your party.

Children should be supervised at all times.

Sensory equipment including sensory toys, indoor swing, egg chair, laser projector, water fountain, weighted blanket etc

All equipment supplied by Sungate is for use under adult supervision. You are responsible for the safety of your party at all times. Sungate cannot be held responsible for the safety of you, or any members of your party. Sungate hold a full list of sensory equipment that can be found on the premises and a full inventory will be taken before your arrival and after your departure.

If anything gets broken or goes missing, we ask that you inform us straight away so we can organise a replacement in time for the next guests checking in. We may charge you for the cost of any replacements. The charge for replacement items will be taken from the security bond and an invoice will be issued detailing the amount that has been retained to cover the cost of the replacements.

We do not accept liability for injury, loss or damage suffered by any member of the party caused by any of the sensory toys, equipment, furniture or adaptations (detailed below). We may charge you for the cost of any damages or replacements.

Sensory/Games toybox

The sensory/games toybox is located in the sensory corner of the lounge, near to the mats and teardrop swing. Inside the box you will find a container full of fun and regulating sensory toys. These should be cleaned with the antiseptic wipes provided after use, and all sensory toys returned to the box before departure (please see inventory found in the toybox). Warning: some of the sensory toys produce bright, flashing lights that may cause discomfort and/or seizures for those with photosensitive epilepsy. Parental supervision is essential. Please do not take any of the sensory toys off the property.

The toybox also contains a Sensory Spin toy. The sensory spin toy is a great accessory to our sensory corner. Children can sit or stand on it for non-stop spinning! Recommended age for the Sensory Spin toy is 3+, and maximum weight is 175ibs.

Please note: The Sensory Spin toy should only be used under adult supervision. We do not accept liability for injury, loss or damage suffered by any member of the party caused by the Indoor teardrop swing.

The toybox also contains family games, including Jenga, Connect 4 and our very own City of Bath Monopoly.

Please note: Parental supervision is essential. The games contain small pieces which may not be suitable for small children or people with learning disabilities.

Indoor teardrop swing

The indoor teardrop swing can be a perfect autism therapy swing or sensory relief swing and can be used for gentle relaxation, and very light movement. The foldable mat provided should be used underneath the swing for safety. Do not attempt to put the swing up or take it down. If you wish to remove the swing, please contact a member of Sungate staff who will remove it for you.

Important: the indoor teardrop swing is for children only, and has a maximum carrying weight for use of 50kg. Do not exceed this weight. The swing is not suitable for children under 3 years old. It is not suitable for rigorous swinging or spinning, and the user must not kick against the wall or windows whilst using it. The swing and surrounding area will be inspected after you check out and we may charge you for the cost of any damages or replacements. The swing should only be used under adult supervision. We do not accept liability for injury, loss or damage suffered by any member of the party caused by the Indoor teardrop swing.

Laser projector

The Star Laser light projector can turn the bedroom into a sensory space, creating a calm and relaxing environment. There are a variety of options to choose from including moving clouds, and galaxies of twinkling stars (look out for the shooting stars!). Please note: the projector lens is made of glass and should be handled with care. The projector equipment uses laser technology which could cause eye damage. Those using the equipment should not look directly into the laser lens and the lens should not be pointed in the direction of a mirror. The laser projector is wall mounted and should not be taken down or moved. The laser light projector should only be used under adult supervision. We do not accept liability for injury, loss or damage suffered by any member of the party caused by the laser projector.

Safe Place bed

We have a Safe Place bed available on request. This needs to be requested at least one week before your stay and is subject to availability. The bed takes up the majority of the space on one single bed and is fitted together with a bed guard, at the recommendation of Safe Place Beds. Please note: the age range for the bed is 3-13 years. The bed must be looked after and is not to be used as a toy. This is a specialist, and expensive piece of equipment and to keep it in good condition for all families that would benefit from it, we ask that you do not let children play in the bed when it is not being slept in. Safe Place beds are made from industrial strength material, but the bed is not designed for children who bite. The bed will be inspected after you check out and we may charge you for the cost of any damages or replacement. If the bed gets dirty during your stay, please clean the bed thoroughly before you depart to avoid losing your security bond.

The bed is not to be moved by guests once fitted. If you wish to remove the Safe Place bed, please contact a member of Sungate staff who will be able to remove it for you. We do not accept liability for injury, loss or damage suffered by any member of the party caused by the Safe Place Bed.

Please see ‘Top Questions’ at for more information.

We also have one single waterproof mattress available on request. This needs to be requested at least one week before your stay and is subject to availability.

Weighted blanket

The weighted blanket is known to calm and soothe and aid restful sleep. At Sungate we provide a weighted blanket, which is for adult use only. We are aware that there may be adults who are autistic staying with us, and the blanket is intended for their use and comfort. The weighted blanket is located in the grey blanket box in the King room.

Please note: to be effective, a weighted blanket should be 10% of the user’s body weight. It should not be slept under but can be used to go to sleep. The weighted blanket contains glass beads and should be used under adult supervision.

White noise machine

Sungate has a white noise machine to be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. The Cradle white noise machine can help with sensory regulation, relaxation, and sleep, and can be tailored to suit your mood and the environment. It is located in the grey blanket box in the King bedroom (please return it there after use) and has a choice of 30 different sounds, including ocean, weather, nature and white noise sounds, and can be set on a timer if need be. It has a soothing light which can be turned up or down, together with volume control. For further information/instructions, please see the user guide in the kitchen folder. 


Sungate kitchen has a chalkboard for any budding artists who would like to try out their skills. There are chalk sticks provided. Please put chalk sticks back in the pot when finished with. Chalk sticks are for drawing on the chalkboard only. There is also a magnetic sponge - please use this for wiping the board clean after use.

The chalk board is to be used under adult supervision. Any drawing on walls may incur a cleaning charge or guests could risk losing their security bond.

Blackout blinds

Sungate is fitted with blackout blinds. With the exception of the single bedroom (which has a cordless blind), all blinds have a pulley cord with a safety clip. Please note: these blinds have been fitted especially for the sensory needs of our families and need to be opened/closed slowly and handled with care. We may charge you for the cost of any damages to or replacement of the blackout blinds.

If you need even more blackout in a bedroom, we have a portable blackout blind available, which attaches to the window. Please let us know in advance of your stay if you would like to use the portable blackout blind.

Water fountain

The water fountain in the courtyard can have a calming and peaceful effect through both sight and sound. Please note: the outdoor water fountain runs through a power supply in the King bedroom. You must not unplug this supply or move the cable. If you wish to turn fountain on/off please use the switch the wall socket (located under the bedside table in the King bedroom) whilst leaving the supply plugged in. Do not touch plugs with wet hands. The water fountain is for display purposes only, and should not be handled or moved, and can be covered with the pop up cover if needed. Do not drink from the water fountain. The water fountain should only be enjoyed under adult supervision.

 Outside lights

The warm white festoon lights in the courtyard are for display purposes only and are not to be moved. They are plastic. The lights are on a timer, and come on automatically at night. If you wish to switch them off manually, the battery box is situated by the Sensory Courtyard gate hanging on the fence.

There are also lights attached to the picket fence at the front of the house. These also work on a timer and can be switched off manually on the battery box attached.

Canopy Seat, table and chairs, benches

At Sungate, we have lots of outdoor furniture for guests to enjoy.

The outdoor canopy seat is for gentle swinging and relaxing. It has a maximum weight/load of 200kg and is intended for a maximum of three people at a time. The maximum weight and number of people must not be exceeded. It is in the Sensory Courtyard, which confined area, and so we kindly ask that guests do not use the canopy seat for climbing, rigorous movement or fast swinging. The rain cover for the swing can be found in the green garden box at the side of the house and can be put on the swing if not intended for use.

The table and two chairs are also located within the Sensory Courtyard. There are cushions in the green garden box for use with the chairs. Please return the cushions to the green garden box when not in use.

The Sensory Courtyard canopy swing, chairs and table should only be enjoyed under adult supervision.

We kindly ask that guests do not move the canopy swing, chairs or table from the Sensory Courtyard.

Sungate also has two garden benches for guests to enjoy. These have rain covers which are stored in the green garden box.

We kindly ask that guests do not move the garden benches from their current locations.

Security cameras

 For security, Sungate has cameras outside – to the front and side of the property. For GDPR compliancy, Sungate is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Off road parking

There is off road parking for one vehicle. There is additional parking on the road. The parking space is on a slope. Important: take extra care when using the parking space. Drive with care when accessing or leaving the property. We do not accept liability for injury, loss or damage suffered by any member of the party, or their vehicles, on or outside the property.

Sungate Front door/Sensory Courtyard back gate

For guests’ warmth and comfort, the front door of the property has added insulation, meaning that it fits snuggly in the door frame. To open from the outside, you will need to gently pull the door towards you as you turn the handle to open. When opening from the inside of the house, you will need to gently push the door away from you as you turn the latch to open. Please make sure the front door is closed properly when entering or leaving Sungate.

 A back gate has been placed at the back of the property to provide a secure and closed off courtyard. You should be careful when opening, closing and/or locking the gate.

Accident reporting

 In the event of any accident that occurs in the property and that results in injury to any guest you must contact Sungate staff immediately and we will complete an accident report form.

Cost of hire

The TOTAL amount payable for the period of hire is shown on the booking form. The total balance MUST be received by the date specified on the booking form. Non-payment by the specified date will result in the cancellation of the holiday, and all money paid to date will be retained by Sungate.

 Missed payments

We understand that sometimes things don’t go to plan. If for any reason you are not able to make the payment that has been agreed, please contact us immediately and we will try our best to find a solution and make alternative arrangements. Missing a payment may result in the holiday being cancelled with immediate effect.

 Keys and access

Guests will be advised of how to gain access to the holiday home upon confirmation of their holiday. This information will be sent to you in the week leading up to your holiday and after final payment has been received.

Spare window keys will be placed at the property. Please ensure all windows are shut when you leave the property.

Lost keys will be charged at £10 per set.


The holiday property is for the sole use of the persons listed on the booking form. The Hirer/lead guest will be responsible for the entire party. The entire party will be asked to leave the property immediately if there is over occupancy.

As Sungate is situated in a quiet residential area, we only accept bookings from family groups. We cannot accept bookings for groups under the age of 21, hen, stag or similar parties.

As Sungate is situated in a residential area, we respectfully ask that guests are quiet between the hours of 21:00 and 8:00.

Sungate sleeps maximum 5 plus travel cot (on request). There is no capacity for extra beds at the property.


For your comfort and sensory needs, underfloor heating is provided throughout the Sungate property. The heating has been set to a comfortable temperature throughout the property. The temperature can be adjusted using the thermostats located in each room. Guests must not tamper with the boiler. Please be mindful that heating is very expensive and we kindly ask you to be mindful when adjusting the underfloor heating. Please contact us if you have any issues.

 No Smoking Policy

 Sungate operates a strict no smoking policy.

 For reasons of hygiene and the comfort of other guests there is NO SMOKING or vaping allowed anywhere in the house, garden or outside area. If anyone is reported to be smoking or vaping during your stay you will be asked to leave immediately without a refund. Any evidence of smoking that is found by our representative while checking the property after departure will result in Sungate retaining your security bond.


 Up to 2 dogs are allowed for an additional fee. No other pets are allowed. Please read and sign our Dog Terms and Conditions.


We pride ourselves on the high standards of cleanliness that we maintain at Sungate and request that guests leave the property clean and tidy. We ask that any used cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils are cleaned and returned to where they are kept.

All bed linen and bathroom towels are provided. We also provide makeup remover cloth towels and kindly ask guests to use these for this purpose rather than the larger guest towels.

We provide one spare single and king set of bed linen, and two spare towels, at the property, to be used as necessary, at no extra charge. Any extra sets will be charged at £20 per set.

Dogs are not allowed in bedrooms and we kindly ask guests to use the dog blanket(s) provided for dogs to sit on in the lounge.

We also provide an outdoor water hose and old towels specifically for cleaning off mud and pets after walks. Please use these where appropriate.

Complimentary Cakes

Sungate provides complimentary cakes for you to enjoy. Please read ingredients list before consuming.


BBQ’s are not allowed anywhere on the property.

Chip pans and fryers

The use of chip pans or deep fryers of any kind is strictly prohibited.


If, in the opinion of our Sungate representative, any member of the party is guilty of conduct which is deemed to be anti-social or a risk to the health and safety of themselves or members of the public, we may re-take possession of the accommodation immediately without compensation to the Hirer.

Electric Car Charging

You are not permitted to use the property mains to charge your electric vehicle. There are charging points in the nearby Newbridge Park and Ride and Charlotte Street car park. If you are found to have charged a vehicle, we will retain the cost of this from your bond.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your booking for any reason, please contact us straight away by email. Any cancellations made up to 6 weeks before your arrival date will incur a charge equal to the deposit paid. Any cancellations made within 6 weeks of arrival date will not be refunded.

If we change or cancel your booking

As a responsible holiday provider, our aim is to provide all the services and facilities as described in our Welcome Guide, and on our website. Should it be necessary for us to make any major changes to your booking, or in exceptional circumstances cancel your booking, we will endeavour to advise you, and provide the following options:

  1. a) A replacement holiday comparable or superior to the one booked or
  2. b) A replacement holiday together with the difference in price between the replacement holiday and the holiday booked or
  3. c) A full refund.


We DO NOT accept liability for injury, loss or damage suffered by any member(s) of the guest party, their vehicle(s) or property.

We do not provide respite cover. We take no responsibility for the safety of any of your party.


We strongly recommend that you take out holiday insurance to cover any accidents, losses, cancellation etc.